Architectural Services

ATG's Architectural Division is one of the largest cleanroom builders in the United States.

ATG is recognized throughout the industry as a company that will deliver as promised - meeting critical budget and schedule requirements while maintaining the highest level of quality and project value.

ATG has a broad range of experience supporting microelectronics, pharmaceutical/biotech, medical/healthcare, photovoltaic/solar, and general commercial.
ATG Architectural Data Sheet (PDF)
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Professional Services

• AutoCad
• 3D Modeling

List of Architectural Services

• Cleanrooms
• Automated Material Handling Systems
• Wall and Ceiling Systems
• Access Flooring (Tate Distributor)
• Radiant Ceilings
• Seismic Supports / Restraints
• Catwalks and Platforms
• Tenant Improvement
• Patient Lifts
• Medical Equipment Supports
• Concrete Pads / Curbs / Slabs
• Metal Stud Drywall
• Specialty Scaffolding


Microelectronics - Telecom - Data Centers

• Turnkey Cleanroom Installation
• Wall System
• Ceiling System
• Access Floor Installations
• Basebuild and Tool Installation
• AMH System Installations

Healthcare - Pharmaceutical - Biotechnology

• Medical Equipment Structural Support Installation
• Hospital Patient Lift Installation
• Access Floor System Installation
• Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Wall System Installation

Commercial - Industrial Services

• Architectural Tenant Improvements
• Wall System Installations
• Light Concrete Installation and Finishing
• Safety and Fall Protection System Installation
• Equipment Support