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ATG is a certified installer of Guldmann medical patient lift systems for OR, WA, CA, and AZ. For Commercial Sales & Support for Patient Lift Systems, please call 877.900.1380 or email

For residential in-home service, please contact Guldmann USA - direct at

Guldmann is the professional standard and industry leader in ceiling-mounted lift technology for over 30 years.   With more lifts in more hospitals for more years than any other lift company, Guldmann is known for unsurpassed quality and ease of use.  Guldmann provides a comprehensive selection of lifts, weight capacity, and accessories (controls, slings, beds, mobile lifter and custom applications).

Key benefits include:

  • GH1 and GH3 ceiling hoist systems for personal and professional use.  Weight capacity by model ranges from 440, 550, 660, 770 and 1000 lbs. with several rail sizes with up to 24ft continuous span.

  • Comply with industry norms: designed to guarantee full compliance with HMI, UL and OSHA norms and regulations.

  • Enhance Work Environment: Unique features include constantly charged modules always close at hand, exceptional low rolling resistance, quick-release fittings, and intuitive hand controls.

  • Faster Care Activities:  Streamlines all processes associated with lifting and handling of patients, including 100% faster-lifting speed, 100% faster horizontal speed and 40% more lifting capacity than competing models.

  • Attractive Design:  Designed by architects for cost-saving integration and easy installation into building structures, featuring innovative use of shape, color and materials that blend elegantly into the surroundings.

  • Energy Conscious:  Responsible environmental profile during manufacture, effective power management while in use and focus on the use of recyclable materials.

  • Easy Maintenance:  Easy to perform mandatory safety inspections quickly and a minimum of downtime for service and repair.  Guldmann products have had zero product recalls.

  • Professional Installation:  ATG installers are factory trained and certified annually.  All installations are engineered and designed to meet current seismic, building, structural, and local building codes.