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ATG values the opportunity to receive feedback from its existing customers as a means of strengthening our relationship with each client. ATG understands that through the work we perform, we become an important part of the customer’s overall team. The exchange of information concerning your current or future projects, including important topics such as scheduling, quality of work, safety and other construction service deliverables can be addressed with the following Customer Survey.

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Performance Satisfaction

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5 = Very Satisfied > Zero or minor changes needed (90% - 100%)
4 = Satisfied > Minor improvements (75% - 89%)
3 = Neither satisfied or disappointed > Improvements Undefined (50% - 74%)
2 = Unsatisfied > Major improvements required (25% - 49%)
1= Disappointed > Relationship/Work overhaul (0% – 24%)
0 = No means of determining +/- rating

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