Field and Craft Personnel

Our field and craft personnel are the heart of ATG. They are a tight-knit group of union carpenters, laborers, tapers, painters, plumbers, and cement masons with a wide range of experience working in highly-specialized industries, with unmatched expertise in their fields.

Safety. As our most important asset, we ensure that every employee under our care goes home each day the same way they came to work, except with a little more knowledge and experience under their belt. In turn, our field and craft personnel enjoy their work and the difference they make for our clients. 

Expertise. Our field and craft personnel are among the best-trained professionals in the industry. We ensure they stay that way by encouraging Journeyman upgrades, apprentice training, and holding in-house Foreman Leadership Training every month. Our incentive program rewards employees for excellence. You are better served because of our continued focus on education and certifications that exceed industry standards.

Commitment. Our field and craftspeople not only build things with their hands and hearts, they are the people that build our company. They are our backbone and our family; they care about the work they perform and the customers they serve. 

Dedication. You will get to know our field and craftspeople as they work closely with you on your project. Many of our craftspeople have worked with the same clients for decades. When we return to a facility, we know and understand the environment and can respond swiftly and efficiently to requests.

Excellence. We strive to finish every job on schedule with a zero-item punch list, meaning all work is performed to a level that when you walk through, there is nothing that needs to be changed.

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